Christmas Radio ’14 – Now Live! is now the best way to get here.

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So Christmas ’14 is over, but I’m not giving it up this year. For the time being, music licensed as creative commons will be playing. I’m considering a few different options for what to do next, but since broadcasting over low power AM is a big goal, licensing is a problem. I’m trying to come up with something that is genuinely listenable and interesting, without somehow running afoul of those licensing issues, costing a lot of money, or being needlessly complicated.

So here’s the tentative schedule (work in progress):

Weekdays – 6AM to Noon: Classical Christmas Music (Orchestral, Choir, Nutcracker, etc). Noon to 7PM: Haven’t decided. 7PM to Midnight (M-Th): Old favorites, Rat Pack, Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole, etc.

Overnights – Midnight to 6AM: Probably setting the thing on random since nobody will be listening.

Friday evenings – 7PM-10PM I’m thinking about doing custom shows each week with themes. I’d like to get some homemade stuff here.  Haven’t decided yet. From 10PM to Midnight – Everything weird and anti-christmas I can find, and I have a lot of it. NSFW or kids.

As you can see, there are still some big gaps yet to be figured out, particularly on the weekend.

Last year I played the audio for classic Christmas movies, trying to find a good time to do that. I’d also like a slot somewhere (each) for R&B, Jazz, newer pop, etc. I’m thinking of having each of M-Th evening have a theme (one of the the aforementioned) and just going with that.


If you’d like to do some kind of custom message, I will put it on the stream. Just call 217-953-0286 and leave it on the voicemail.


Sonos Instructions to add Shoutcast Station: Link 

App to listen on iPhone: Link

I’ve got three Extreamers that I’m configuring to do nothing but play this Shoutcast stream. All you have to do is connect a network cable on one side, and the audio cable to your receiver on the other. If you want to borrow one, let me know.



Obihai Devices and Multiple Google Voice Accounts

Edit: You can pretty much disregard this post; Google announced that they are ending the service that allows for the Obihai devices to make free calls. Keeping it here for historical purposes.

I’m a big supporter of all the different Obihai VOIP devices. I’ve had an Obi110 since they launched for $50. For the uninitiated, these devices connect to various VOIP providers and allow for voice calls via an internet connection (there is a NIC in the device). The big selling point (especially at launch) is that it can interface with a Google Voice, which means free calls (no 911 service, but there are workarounds).  My problem deals with the fact that my Obi device has one Google Voice number, and I have a separate Google Voice number for myself. Google Voice will not forward a call to a Google Voice number.