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PowerShell: Automating Search and Replace in Microsoft Word

I’m required to send various letters and internal memos on a schedule. I hate taking the boilerplate and going through and manually updating it to reflect the current period’s numbers, but there really aren’t  many options. The folks receiving the communications expect it in a specific format, and they don’t like surprises. This means I’m using the same Word documents that have been used for 10+ years. I’ve tried to recreate them in Access or Excel and it never quite looks right. I found the solution in PowerShell here.

The idea is to take the boilerplate Word document and create a template where all of the variable elements have a unique name to be searched and replaced (ex: the date at the top of the letter reads CURRENTDATE). We then use a function, based on that link to the Microsoft explanation, to switch each variable element to what we want. So, for CURRENTDATE, we’d replace it with (get-date).tostring(‘MMMM dd, yyyy’) to get February 13, 2017.

Anyway, I’m going to change my processes to use this all over the place.

#function that does the search and replace.
function replaceword ($FindText, $ReplaceText)
    $ReplaceAll = 2
    $FindContinue = 1
    $MatchCase = $False
    $MatchWholeWord = $True
    $MatchWildcards = $False
    $MatchSoundsLike = $False
    $MatchAllWordForms = $False
    $Forward = $True
    $Wrap = $FindContinue
    $Format = $False

      $ReplaceText,$ReplaceAll) | out-null

#creating the word com object
$objWord = New-Object -ComObject word.application
$objWord.Visible = $True
$objDoc = $objWord.Documents.Open("Payment.doc")
$objSelection = $objWord.Selection

#function call
replaceword "CURRENTDATE" (get-date).tostring('MMMM dd, yyyy')

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