Christmas Radio ’14 – Now Live! is now the best way to get here.

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So Christmas ’14 is over, but I’m not giving it up this year. For the time being, music licensed as creative commons will be playing. I’m considering a few different options for what to do next, but since broadcasting over low power AM is a big goal, licensing is a problem. I’m trying to come up with something that is genuinely listenable and interesting, without somehow running afoul of those licensing issues, costing a lot of money, or being needlessly complicated.

So here’s the tentative schedule (work in progress):

Weekdays – 6AM to Noon: Classical Christmas Music (Orchestral, Choir, Nutcracker, etc). Noon to 7PM: Haven’t decided. 7PM to Midnight (M-Th): Old favorites, Rat Pack, Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole, etc.

Overnights – Midnight to 6AM: Probably setting the thing on random since nobody will be listening.

Friday evenings – 7PM-10PM I’m thinking about doing custom shows each week with themes. I’d like to get some homemade stuff here.  Haven’t decided yet. From 10PM to Midnight – Everything weird and anti-christmas I can find, and I have a lot of it. NSFW or kids.

As you can see, there are still some big gaps yet to be figured out, particularly on the weekend.

Last year I played the audio for classic Christmas movies, trying to find a good time to do that. I’d also like a slot somewhere (each) for R&B, Jazz, newer pop, etc. I’m thinking of having each of M-Th evening have a theme (one of the the aforementioned) and just going with that.


If you’d like to do some kind of custom message, I will put it on the stream. Just call 217-953-0286 and leave it on the voicemail.


Sonos Instructions to add Shoutcast Station: Link 

App to listen on iPhone: Link

I’ve got three Extreamers that I’m configuring to do nothing but play this Shoutcast stream. All you have to do is connect a network cable on one side, and the audio cable to your receiver on the other. If you want to borrow one, let me know.