Obihai Devices and Multiple Google Voice Accounts

Edit: You can pretty much disregard this post; Google announced that they are ending the service that allows for the Obihai devices to make free calls. Keeping it here for historical purposes.

I’m a big supporter of all the different Obihai VOIP devices. I’ve had an Obi110 since they launched for $50. For the uninitiated, these devices connect to various VOIP providers and allow for voice calls via an internet connection (there is a NIC in the device). The big selling point (especially at launch) is that it can interface with a Google Voice, which means free calls (no 911 service, but there are workarounds).  My problem deals with the fact that my Obi device has one Google Voice number, and I have a separate Google Voice number for myself. Google Voice will not forward a call to a Google Voice number.